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Advanced dating dating double dvd series series technique video

For some reason, the information about the author(s) and producer(s) of these videos isn't very obvious.

There's a "Dual Sport Rider" website and it appears that it's the home of a company that provides dual-sport rider training and has produced the videos as an adjunct to their courses, but there sure isn't a heck of a lot of information (i.e., no "About Us" on the website) about the author or the school itself.

But I'd bet there are many new or recent dual-sport owners who have street experience only. And I quickly learned that other than three of the most basic skills -- keeping those two wheels upright, "squeezing" the brake lever and "rolling" on the throttle -- there's a world o' difference between riding the pavement and plunking around in the dirt.

So improving your off-road skills is crucial, and gaining confidence will definitely increase the fun factor (and decrease the pucker factor), just like it does for street riding. After all, smart street riders know that their riding skills should be continuously improved, and this comes with education.

The video production of both DVDs is of higher quality than the Carl Adams' "Dirt Riding Skills" (review) DVD covered in Part 2 of this review.

The Dual Sport Riding Techniques videos seem to have employed a professional videographer and several different camera angles are sometimes used to illustrate the techniques.

In fact, there's no background information that I could find on either of the DVDs.

Usually, the initial "splash" screen and the DVD box cover will have the author, production information, narrator, and background information displayed.

By the way, there are some pure motocross instructional videos available and I'm sure there is some skill set crossover that is appropriate for dual-sport riders.The biggest problem is that there is a lot of information to cover and it's difficult to remember it all once you get out on the bike.I think that's a definite problem with watching any of these instructional motorcycle-related videos, whether they focus on street or off-road riding.I also suggest viewing the videos several times, because you'll surely learn new tips each time you watch.Take notes and then you can bring the paper "cheat sheet" out with you on the bike when you practice.

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Nevertheless, both DVDs are excellent guides to just about everything you'll need to know about dual-sport riding, from the beginning tips and tricks to advanced riding techniques.

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