Dating your therapist dating girl com

Dating your therapist

He blushes a lot, and he has flashes of bashful body language when we get even close to the transference topic.

The few times I've tried to talk about it with him he got defensive like repeating that he’s not thinking about me outside of therapy when that had nothing to do with what I was trying to talk about.

He has said things to me like "It can never happen, but its extremely rare for me to meet people who think like I do (referring to me)." and "I don't think I'm the only guy out there that would give anything to be with a girl like you." Both of these comments were said in a whisper with an intense facial expression and I could not tell whether it was calculated to be seductive or he was simply insuring that the comment “hit home”.On top of that he has made it clear that he thinks I am attractive (but stops short of saying that this necessarily means he is drawn to me).That "do anything to date a girl like you" comment was made in the context of a conversation where I was talking about dating and having trouble meeting the right guy who is also into me, but also in that conversation my therapist went on to tell me that men my age (30) are looking for women who are in their early- mid twenties and that I should consider divorced men over 40 (guess which category he falls into).If a therapist is feeling strong sexual attraction to you, and is clear in his boundaries, he should wonder if the client isn't doing something (unconsciously) to elicit those feelings from him.If handled in the right way, that could lead to a very deep, meaningful discussion that would help the client in many ways, and also make the relationship feel stronger, safer, and more secure.

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This is a valuable part of therapy when the therapist uses this to help you become more aware of your own unconscious needs, desires and feelings. There are all different schools of thought when it comes to working with transference/counter-transference in the therapy relationship.

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